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Body Mind & Soul Business

Diana Dentinger, Avril Oenone & Michelle Frink have Individually Helped People for Decades Live a More Complete and Fulfilling Life. 

By Combining their Expertise as a Team, they Teach Coaches & Business Owners how to Regain High Levels of Clarity, Self Confidence and Energy to Change their own Life and their Client's Lives while Fulfilling their Purpose.

Ever Wish Growing Your Business Didn't Have to Be so Hard?
Stop Losing Yourself in Serving. Stop Chasing What You Want.

We Have Been Watching 
Coach's Energy Decrease! 
Learn How to Get Your Energy Flowing to Get Effortless Results!
In this 50 minute Free Conference Call, You Will...
  • Discover Why Most of What You are doing is actually Draining Your Energy so you stop the chasing after and pushing away what you really desire.
  • Participate in a Group Energizing Session led by Avril Oenone, Master Energy Healer, so you release the first layer of emotional blocks that keep you from realizing your goals with ease and grace.
  • Understand How to Integrate 3 Vital Areas to Reach Complete Personal Fulfillment in your life, health, relationships and work so in your achievement of goals you feel totally happy and peaceful.
  • Experience the Power of Receiving Energy from the Higher Dimensions that are here to assist you living an awesome life so you don't have to struggle or do it all on your own.
  • Learn How to Stop Second Guessing Yourself and instead Take Your Soul's Suggestions to break through any current life dissatisfaction. 
  • Become More Aligned with Your Life's Purpose so you uncover the greatness inside of you for long lasting vitality and inner peace in every area of your life, relationships and work.
"I recently experienced a Free Call with an Energy Session. I am eternally grateful to you Avril, Michelle and Diana for your most beautiful heart service.

During the session my body and soul were tingling in waves of energy. I could feel the strength of that energy in different parts of my body, legs, arms, neck, head and a slight torque as my body may have been releasing something heavy and my soul being purified with love, clarity and peace. 

It centered me and connected me to a higher consciousness as I was embraced by a loving energy. After the session, I came away feeling a restoration with better mental clarity and a sense of acceptance that I was whole. "

RR, Intutive Business Coach
"Oh my word! I missed the Live Call and have just listened to the replay you sent of the "Body Mind Soul Trio" sharing Energy and Wisdom. 

I felt a humongous shift. Not sure what shifted but I know something sure did. I'm really looking forward to being on the Live Call since the recording was so powerful! 

How exciting. Thank you so much for the opportunity and for allowing me access to the replays. Soooo appreciated. 

I too love working with female energy when I am teaching art. This is all so magical."

CL, Coaching Through Art
Thank you for inviting me to attend this calming and metaphysical experience with all of you 3 women, Diana, Michelle and Avril.

When we were guided and during the moment of silence I felt the presence of a loved one speaking to me and encouraging me to feel safe and loved. I often use channeling for myself and others but the great thing about this time is that even if was very physically tired, I immediately felt connected to my higher self ready to receive the message. This is something that would not have happened in other circumstances.

I feel now that this calmness and inspiration are doors to more love and possibilities. "

PG, Abundance & Prosperity Coach
You have received this invitation by the Hosts because we know that you are a purpose driven woman and a conscious business owner on a journey to create an even more fulfilling life. This Conference Call is our gift to you so you can experience first hand how to achieve and contribute even more with the help of higher energy and cosmic awareness. This benefits your body, mind and soul which translates into better health, focus and inner peace.

Our private clients feel renewed! They find answers to their questions and concerns so their decisions are more aligned with their soul. This is not "woo woo". This is why you were born. And if you know us personally, you know that we are very practical women with large families, businesses and lots of quality energy to get it all done!

What we do is enter into the energy field of our client and perceive what they are not able to explain with words. A phenomenon that we are seeing now is a lot of "false light". Many women "feel" comfy cozy in a space that is "peace and love" through visualization and meditation practices. This is not the end goal! But many women stop here. 

We see that this "energetic place" has a sealed roof over it, on purpose, to keep you from really being free. Sometimes you get tickled by a synchronistic event, you feel connected to the divine, you surround yourself with other "goddess women" and you feel you are doing a good job at "evolving". 

What if we say that you are still so much more! And that YOU can step into HER! Synchronicities should happen in every moment of your day. You should live in a space of constant flow. Just as you should experience ease and grace. It is all possible when you have "cleaner" energy and greater knowing about who you are. 

We are contacted by women who have been chasing the money making machine, the networking events and the latest marketing strategy. They are more attached to their results and less connected to their souls. In private, they admit they feel empty and somewhat lost. And we see other women who are really struggling. They have many ideas and can't hone into which one feels and resonates the best on a higher level. We have helped many women, in both situations, move beyond! 

To evolve yourself, your life, relationships, health, business and finances, you need to powerhouse and break through, you need to go beyond that barrier. It is only possible with extremely high energy assistance. This is the way to total life transformation, real freedom and control over your life. This is why we are here.
Avril Oenone

Being an entrepreneur and mother of 7, my mission is to help women transform their daily stress, caused by the challenges of all their roles into personal empowerment and a healed heart that is more open to receive. Most women feel they are something more but don't know how to access that. And they need consistent energy to do all the things they love in life and business. I am a Master Healer working with 20th dimension energies.

Michelle Frink

When I work with a client, I am sitting with their soul and holding the space for what is ready to move, allowing it rise to the surface. I hold my clients to a high level of personal integrity, so they can reap all the rewards of breaking through the shells they have made to hold themselves back. I see everything we experience in life as an opportunity created just for us! I am an Energy Interpreter to share your soul's words.

Diana Dentinger

My mission is to teach people to love themselves by nourishing their soul. I help them connect to their personality needs so they know the fullness of what they are here to do. They get their own Personality & Needs Profile, methodology I created based on my studies as a psychosomatic illness therapist. My clients say I know them better than they know themselves. It's true and beautiful to accompany them to remember themselves.

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